In this tutorial you will see how to add a photo gallery that you have already created to a blog post (or page). You only need to create the gallery once because you can use the same gallery in multiple places at the same time.

This can also be done on an existing page or post.

01. Begin by going to your website’s Dashboard

02. Hover your mouse over the Posts (or Pages) section and click on the Add New link that appears

03. Give your new blog post (or page) a title an add the content

04. The photo gallery will be displayed wherever the cursor is blinking, so click where you want it to appear

05. Click the Add Gallery button

06. Click in the ‘Select a Gallery’ field and click on the name of the photo gallery you want to add to the post (page). If the gallery you are looking for isn’t immediately available, start typing it’s title and it will appear.

07. Click the Insert Gallery button

08. Click the Publish button


Note: A gallery can be added to an new or existing page or post using this method.

Our videos are recorded in high definition. Switch the video to full screen for a better look.