Note: Keep in mind that the Photos page on your website can be thought of as your ‘Album’. Within the album you can have multiple ‘Galleries’ i.e. you can have a School Tour gallery and a Sports Day gallery.

You can add as many galleries as you want to the album.
You will never need to edit the existing album or create a new one.

Adding photos is a two step process. First you create your gallery and add photos to it, then you add the gallery to the album.

To add a new gallery:

01. Log into your Dashboard

02. Hover your mouse over the Gallery option

03. Click the ‘Add Gallery / Images’ link that appears

04. Under the Upload Images title, leave the pull down menu as ‘Create a new gallery’

05. In the ‘Gallery title’ field enter a name for the new gallery

06. Click the Create & Select button

07. Click the ‘Browse’ button, browse to where your photos are saved on your computer and select the ones you want to add. Click the ‘Open’ button (or whatever the equivalent button is on your computer).

08. Click the ‘Upload Files’ button and allow the photos to finish uploading

Your gallery has now been created so you need to add it to the Album.

09. Click the Manage Albums link

10. Select the Photos option from the pull down menu

11. Below that you will see any existing active galleries listed in the left column titled ‘Album ID’ and the gallery you just created in the column titled ‘Select gallery’. Drag the gallery you just created to the left column.

12. Click the Update button.

Our videos are recorded in high definition. Switch the video to full screen for a better look.