In this example you will see how to create a new photo gallery and then add that gallery to a new (or existing) post or page.

Create a new gallery:

01. Log into your Dashboard

02. Hover your mouse over the Gallery option

03. Click the ‘Add Gallery / Images’ link that appears

04. Under the Upload Images title, leave the pull down menu as ‘Create a new gallery’

05. In the ‘Gallery title’ field enter a name for the new gallery

06. Click the ‘Add Files’ button, browse to where your photos are saved on your computer and select the ones you want to add. Click the ‘Open’ button (or whatever the equivalent button is on your computer).

07. Click the ‘Start Upload’ button and allow the photos to finish uploading to the site


Now that you’ve created a gallery, follow these step to add it to a post or page.
(This method can be used to add a gallery to either a new or existing post or page)


Add the gallery to a post:

08. Hover your mouse over the Posts section and click on the Add New link that appears

09. Give your new blog post a title an add the content

10. The photo gallery will be displayed wherever the cursor is blinking, so click where you want it to appear

11. Click the Add Gallery button

12. Click in the ‘Select a Gallery’ field and click on the name of the photo gallery you want to add to the post

13. Click the Insert Gallery button

14. Click the Publish button

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