In this example we will add a text link from the Home page to the Contact Us page, however, this can be done on any page or blog post and you can link to any other page or blog post.

To add a text link to a page:

01. Begin by going to your website’s Dashboard

02. Hover over the Pages section and click on the All Pages link that appears

03. Hover over the page you want to add the link to and click on Edit.

04. Highlight the text you want to turn into a link. You can use existing text or type new text.

05. Click the ‘Insert/edit link’ button, then click the ‘Link options’ button (the icon that looks like a cog). This will open a new window that will show you all the pages and blog posts currently on your website.

06. Click on the page or blog post that you want to link to.

07. Click the blue Add Link button

08. Click the blue Update button

Our videos are recorded in high definition. Switch the video to full screen for a better look.